I     M     P     E     R     I     U     M
A B O U T    I M P E R I U M

We at Imperium Minecraft view Minecraft as a game that is all about community, cooperation, competition, and challenge. We value the many facets of SMP Minecraft, but also desire components to allow for resource trading, property, protected construction and minor conveniences. Imperium Minecraft is setting out to be a fun, mature, community-driven server that is free of donor advantages. As a result we are building Imperium Minecraft into an economy and Towny-based survival server. By including the Towny framework the world is given a fun, integrated way to protect property and build player communities toward whatever ends you like--be they agriculture, trade, construction, warfare, or otherwise. Chest shops and a monetary system give players a way to trade with one another and build economies between towns on the server. For those looking for more consistent gains, precious ores can be mined, smelted, and sold to a bank at spawn to help provide the capital for your growing city. And between all of the Towny and economy additions, vanilla minecraft is still at the heart of the game.

We have spent years enjoying a variety of Minecraft servers, but deeply desire a Minecraft experience that maintains the traditional Minecraft game while granting exciting constructs--such as towns--to help foster community. If this is the Minecraft experience you seek, then we encourage you to join us and help build this server into an incredibly fun and mature environment that you can't wait to come home to.