I     M     P     E     R     I     U     M
S E R V E R     R U L E S

Imperium Minecraft operates under a small number of critical rules that players must adhere to. Claiming ignorance to these rules will not be seen as a valid excuse under any circumstances. Anyone who believes they have been banned unfairly is encouraged to appeal the ban on the Imperium forums.


In-game exploiting and client hacking is absolutely prohibited and will result in a permanent ban from the server. This includes X-ray and anything else that gives a player an unfair advantage over other players.

Griefing and Town Formation/Expansion

Towns exist as safe havens from outsider griefing where property and goods are protected. Using towny bugs or exploits to grief otherwise protected property is forbidden and will result in a ban. Anything in the wild, however, is fair game for griefing, theft, etc. Please report any exploits, bugs, or errors on the appropriate forum board.

Towns cannot not be created within 15 chunks (240 blocks) of spawn or any other town (Towny won't let you). We encourage players to spread their towns out around the world.

Using towny outposts to claim plots in an aggressive manner (e.g. surrounding another town, cutting off transport, etc) is not permitted. Plots claimed for this purpose will be unclaimed by admins and will not be refunded. Repeat offenders will have their towns deleted. A special note for the nether: things are going to get chaotic. Overly aggressive outpost placement in the nether will be frowned upon, but we will consider issues here on a case-by-case basis and be much more lenient.

Chat and Player Interaction

Imperium Minecraft is a mature environment and players are expected to behave as such. Player conflict is always inevitable and a part of any competitive community-driven server, but please engage in such conflict responsibly and without detriment to yourselves or anyone else. The following rules are also in effect:

  • No Excessive Profanity. As a mature environment, people are expected to be able to handle occasional profanity and the like, but it should not be spouted in excess, in caps, or to the extent that the community deems it intolerable. Violating this rule may result in a mute or a ban at the admin's discretion and repeated violations will certainly result in a ban.
  • Absolutely no racism, anti-semitism, or personal attacks will be tolerated. This will result in an automatic ban. If you witness this and no admin is present, screenshot it and report it on the forums so that the issue can be dealt with.
  • Absolutely no sexual harassment or sexism. This server should be a comfortable environment for everyone regardless of their gender or orientation and you will be banned immediately and without warning if you are found to be engaging in this form of harassment or activity. Players are especially encouraged to report this behavior on the forums.